Hand-Crafted Micro Brews Designed For Taste, smoothness, and quality. 

Family owned and operated

What was thought to be a crazy idea has now come to fruition with Crazy Carabao Brewing Co (CCB) now recieving rave reviews on their craft beer products and branding.  CCB is on the way to becoming a very successful and popular micro-brewery in the Philippines and a significant Craft Beer player in the Asian Region.


Featured Brews

about us

Each of our beer recipes uses only the finest imported malts, hops and yeasts to combine for a unique tasting craft brew. The smoothness of each swallow is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Our craft beers are specifically made for the Philippines and beyond.


We are pleased to meet people at our brewery by scheduled appointment only, 

  • Tarsier Wheat Beer
  • Kalinga Kolsch
  • Tuff Tuko Pale Ale
  • Exit Wounds IPA